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We are young in the media development industry but off to a good start. We are proudly located in Canton, Ohio, home of the NFL Hall of Fame. We have ambitions to be a reputable company in our community.  Founder, Brenton Moore, started with architecture and civil engineering studies. Eventually his career path found mechanical engineering and machine shop applications. After several years working with steel, it was then Brenton decided to round out his engineering experiences by taking up software engineering. His first start was virus and malware control, security and file manipulation & conversions. The exposure to the IT world has led him to bring you Media Wells. We are now have a staff of full stack developers with innovative solutions that will keep your business attractive.

Media Wells

In recent years, Web Development, Mobile App Development, and Digital & Online Marketing have grown at a phenomenal rate. We not only implement the best developmental technology platform for your project, we also incorporate the latest development trends in our strategies. Your business will perform better with a website or app the public can find. Your finished product will be competitive, attractive, and user friendly. We take care of optimization and maintenance so that you can concentrate on your business operations. Most importantly, your customer base should grow and their trust will be in you. You will be the front runner and others will want to follow your example.

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